With an emphasis on pathophysiology of cutaneous disease, the didactic curriculum offers high quality instructional sessions given by the UCSF Dermatology faculty, visiting faculty, and invited guest lecturers from throughout the United States and beyond. Residents begin each day at the Mt. Zion campus for didactic sessions before dispersing to their clinical sites, and all of Wednesday morning is also dedicated to curricular activities. Instruction is delivered daily in the following format:

Weekly Didactic Lecture Curriculum

No lecture - Continuity Clinics at various sites

Dermatopathology Unknowns (30-40 min)
Topics in Dermatology or Clinical Unknowns Session (50 min)

Grand Rounds Invited Lecture (50 min)
Clinical Case Viewing and Discussion (60-90 min)
Dermatopathology (90 - 105 min) 

Topics in Dermatology or Resident Meeting or Clinical Unknowns or Journal Club (50 min)

FRIDAY (one of the following)
Dermatologic Surgery (50 min)
Visible Tumor Conference (120 min), or
Birthmark and Vascular Anomolies Conference (120 min)

The didactic curriculum incorporates a wide range of instructional formats, including: traditional text-based learning coupled with faculty lectures, unknown cases, multi-headed microscope sessions, journal clubs, and others.

This is a typical month of the didactic curriculum.

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