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Psoriasis, Phototherapy Clinical Research Fellowship

John Koo, MD, Director

This fellowship has an emphasis on mastering the most sophisticated treatment strategies for common, but severe, skin disorders, mainly psoriasis, eczema and other photoresponsive disorders (vitiligo, intractable pruritis, etc.). The fellows also master skills involved in conducting clinical therapeutic research from start to finish including budgeting skills. They also learn to conduct Goekerman regimen which is all day, daily intensive therapy for the most severe skin patients.

Duration: 1 year

No. of Positions: 2

Eligibility Requirements: Current and valid CA Medical License.

Stipend: Same as the Derm Residents in terms of PGY year (not including other fellowships).

Accreditation Status: Not ACGME accredited.

How to Apply:
Please send a current CV to:
John Koo, MD
Psoriasis Treatment Center
515 Spruce Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 476-4701
(415) 502-4126 fax


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