Attn: UCSF and Community Dermatologists

In order to streamline Grand Rounds and to smooth out weekly variation in the number of patients presented, we have made a few changes which are detailed below.  Thank you for continuing to provide such interesting cases for the conferences, and for your patience as we transition to this new system:

 When presenting patients, please use the standardized protocol form (click here for PDF or Word Doc).  You may e-mail the completed form to or fax it to 415-353-7870 (Attn: Grand Rounds Coordinator).

In order to avoid weeks with more patients than we have time to discuss thoroughly, please submitt the protocol form with the request, we will try to schedule the patient on one of the dates requested on the protocol, and will contact you when the patient has been scheduled.  If the patient needs to be presented more urgently, please indicate the reason on the form (severe disease, transient morphology, etc.).

If outside pathology slides need to be reviewed, please allow 2 weeks for transfer to UCSF and review. If the patient is being presented in absentia (photographs only), please email the photographs (reduced to 250K or less) to  

Dermatopathology slide review or slide photography for the Staff Conference should be coordinated with Krista Navarra (UCSF Dermatopathology) at 353-SKIN.

Please click here for more information to give to your patients regarding their Grand Rounds visit.