Maria Wei, MD, PhD, Director

Patients Seen in this Practice

  • Patients with Malignant Melanoma 2.0mm in thickness or less.
  • Patients with a strong family history of Melanoma (two or more family members with Melanoma; or one family member with Melanoma and one family member with Breast, Pancreatic or Ovarian Cancer).
  • Patients with numerous atypical moles and a family history of atypical moles (Familial Atypical Moles/Melanoma Syndrome).
  • Patients with an identified gene mutation associated with an increased risk of melanoma.

To Make an Appointment

If you have numerous moles and you are not being referred by a dermatologist, you should be seen in General Dermatology.


  • 415.353.9900 - for new patients only
  • 415.353.7800
  • Ask for the "Pigmented Lesion Practice."
  • Medical records may be FAX'd to 415.885.3802, Attn: Cynthia Cruz
  • For more information, visit our Skin Cancer Website