Thea Mauro, MD

Patients Seen in this Practice

  • The patient has chronic, non-healing wounds, especially chronic leg ulcerations.
  • Patients evaluated in this clinic will have failed conservative treatment of their ulcers.
  •  This is a subspecialty referral clinic for the management of the most difficult and refractory chronic wound cases.
  • Treatments may involve special dressings, topical and systemic medication, and various biologic dressings (grafts).

Requirements to be Seen

  • Referral from a dermatologist or consultation letter from a non-dermatologist physician.
  • Copies of reports of all evaluations performed to date (vascular surgery, arteriograms, venograms, dopplers). It is the responsibility of the patient to be sure this information accompanies them to their appointment.


  • 415.353.7800
  • Ask for the "Chronic Wound/Leg Ulcer Practice."
  • If you are a physician's office, please fax all paperwork to 415.353.9654, Attn: Leg Ulcer Nurse, prior to making the appointment.