Research in the UCSF Department of Dermatology reflects the wide range of faculty interest and expertise.

Programs address key problems in skin biology and disease at the levels of the basic and clinical sciences, as well as health services and public policy. Research is conducted at a number of locations within UCSF and at the affiliated VA Medical Center and San Francisco General Hospital.

Areas of Research

The UCSF Department of Dermatology's research programs are diverse and are always amongst the nation's leaders in success. Our research portfolio covers basic science, clinical science, translational science, and clinical investigation. Success in this area leads to better patient care and provides the new knowledge that constantly imparts new life to the Department's educational programs.

Our faculty and research projects are categorized into several areas:

Cutaneous Oncology: Drs. Boris Bastian, Ruby Ghadially, Siegrid Yu, Dennis Oh, Alan Hunter Shain, Sarah Arron

Genetics of Skin Disease: Drs. Pui Kwok, Wilson Liao, Raymond Cho, Jeffrey Cheng, Alan Hunter Shain

Cutaneous Oncoviruses : Dr. Sarah Arron

Translational Epidemiology: Drs. Meg Chren, Eleni Linos, Katrina Abuabara

Biology of Permeability and Skin Barrier: Drs. Peter Elias, Walt Holleran, Thea Mauro

Photosensitivity and Carcinogenesis: Drs. Dennis Oh, James Cleaver

Melanoma and Resistance to Drugs: Drs. Maria Wei, Susana Ortiz-Urda

Immunology: Drs. Kari Connolly, Michael Rosenblum, Tiffany Scharschmidt

Environmental/Occupational Contact Dermatitis: Dr. Howard Maibach

Health Policy Science: Dr. Jack Resneck, Jr.

Dermatological Disease brought on by HIV/AIDS: Dr. Kieron Leslie

Clinical/translational trials research: Drs. Sarah Arron, Timothy Berger, Tina Bhutani, Wilson Liao, Haley Naik